Governance Roadmap

The Foundation is actively building the governance module described in this section, which will enable community management of the Protocol with a strong emphasis on security and stability, with the constant guiding principle of increasing and maintaining complete decentralization to avoid any central point of failure. At the initial launch of the protocol, the Foundation will maintain a Snapshot voting portal with a MultiSig as Proxy to execute all successful proposals. The immediate next step roughly 2 or 3 months after the initial launch and development of the relevant products (AMM, Lending Market, and Synthetic Minter), the Foundation will simply maintain the ability to suspend the now running Formal Proposal and Voting system via an emergency shutdown mechanism and veto power (MultiSig as Safeguard).
Once the Foundation is confident that the governance system is operating in a reliable, distributed manner (expected by roughly Q3 or Q4 2021), the team will recommend to the community via a proposal that the failsafe be removed (Remove MultiSig Safeguard). This would be accomplished by removing the Safe owners, thus removing the last guard rail, from the Gnosis Safe.