Introduction to HaloDAO

Get to know our thesis and mission here
HaloDAO connects traditional and decentralised finance by providing the decentralised infrastructure for next generation payments and settlement. We begin with the core money legos of Swap, Lend/Borrow, supported by Yield.
Our Thesis: The future of DeFi and crypto is one that will enable individuals to buy goods and services using asset backed stablecoins, pegged at a 1 to 1 basis with various local currencies. Very few will be willing to buy ice cream with Bitcoin.
Situation: We are still far from this future of mass adoption and no asset-backed stablecoin has achieved widespread adoption. USD pegged stablecoins have filled a large need for trading in crypto markets, but everyday users still cannot directly use it for everyday purchases.
HaloDAO aims to address these issues by:
  • Building and incentivising on and off-ramps integrations with existing wallets and exchanges.
  • Building an efficient, on-demand currency exchange via On Demand Liquidity (ODL)
  • Building stablecoin specific lending market that provides high-interest yields on local currencies.
  • Briding the previous 2 products between L1 and L2 for scalable liquidity and yield
Explore our products below:
Stablecoin Liquidity Mining
Rainbow Pool
Rainbow Bridge
Stablecoin AMM
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