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Astro Bunny

“I love sweets to the moon and back!” is a phrase that you’ll often hear from our Astro Bunny. He was born on earth and has a very strong sweet tooth and a passion for intergalactic exploration. His favorite dessert is Halo-Halo, a popular dessert from the Philippines.

He is not just a dessert lover but has a knack for finding the best yield-bearing treats. Now, he is on a quest to find new desserts from different planets that he can share with his friends back home. His first stop to find these delicious treats is the Halo Planet! There he can trade, lend and borrow ingredients to put together the best Halo-Halo Yield to bring back home.

HaloDAO is the community that runs Halo Planet, our Astro Bunny’s first stop. It is an Asian-focused stablecoin marketplace that aims to build up the permissionless liquidity needed to enable the Web 3.0 economy for the Asia Pacific, bringing tasty high APYs for all its members.